Who am i?



So, who am I? 

Im a mum, a Frenchie lover (seriously the best dogs in the world) , a coffee addict, a traveller and someone who loves and appreciates art! 

Ive been to University studying Fine art & Internet Communications, cause you know artists don’t make any money to survive right haha so I needed a back up and fell in love with design. Web design didn’t come till later. 

My husband and I started a trade business when we fell pregnant with our first child. It made sense I was in an admin role and he was a tradie slogging it out for someone else. This was where I first found website design I knew we needed a website but I hadn’t yet started university and had zero idea what I was doing it was 16 years ago and let’s just say it was a very basic site.

This was when I started Uni and really fell in love with art and design. Then WordPress hit the scene and before I knew it I was being asked by other businesses to build a website for them also. I fell head over heels in love with this platform and the ability to build a site yet then pass it over to the owner where they could also amend content, add products to a shop and maintain the site themselves.

Im a huge believer as a small business owner myself in having complete autonomy over my website and will never hold a client hostage with domain names or hosting. 

So that is my story I hope I’ve answered some of your questions



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