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Here I outline my process for designing your new site. It is a little bit exciting and we need to make sure we are a good fit so here we go…

First I just like to make sure my clients understand the process involved in how a WordPress website exists. The website is built on the WordPress platform, which is one of the widest used platforms out there, this is fantastic news for you it means you will be able to modify or add content yourself after watching the training videos I provide to each client.

What costs are involved?

The website will become your property once paid in full and you will be in full control. You pay for your website as per the package option ie starter site one page $770. There are however ongoing costs associated with having a website and they are domain name fees (approx $25 per year through Namecheap) and then website Hosting which ranges in price depending on your site’s needs (usually $15-30 per month).

Your responsibilities 

You will need to create an account and purchase a domain name (as mentioned above this is the approx $25 per year) this will be your websites address ie I ask all my clients to buy this from Namecheap or transfer their domain name over to Namecheap before we start the build. I ask clients to purchase this themselves so that YOU always have access to this, it is your property.

The next step to having a website is having somewhere on the interwebs for it to live. This is called hosting and there are many options out there. I also offer to host my client’s websites for a monthly fee as I understand how overwhelming it can be. This monthly fee also covers the updates and reporting I send out to my clients. If this is something you are interested in we can have a chat and see if this option will suit you I will never lock you into a contract.

Now we’ve got the basics covered I ask you to complete the questionnaire below and I will respond with a proposal and contract. If you agree to the proposal we then start the journey, don’t worry I will hold your hand the whole way I’m here for you.

Lets get some details so I can prepare your proposal 

Which package are you interested in?

Do you have an existing website?

Do you have an existing email address attached to the domain name ie

If you have an existing email address how is it set up

Do you have existing Branding ie Logo, Font names, HEX colours

Do you have content ready to go ie The word content and photos that are yours or from stock images

12 + 10 =

Our time: 11:48pm AEST